Pain vs Pleasure-What Drives Human Behavior?

As some of you might know through my content I have been on a personal journey to transform my life. On this journey I wanted to share with you a concept that drives all human behavior and that’s pain vs pleasure. The need to avoid pain in our life and the need to gain pleasure.

Why is this important you might ask? Because when we understand this concept we can begin to take back our power to contol our thoughts that will drive us to take action that will attract what we want in our lives. In the video below I will share with you some examples and how we as marketers can use this to our advantage. Click the video below, sit back and relax. Open your mind and your heart and enjoy!

Pain vs Pleasure-What Drives Human Behavior

Hopefully you have got some value out of what I shared with you today and will use this con cept of pain vs pleasure to start to transform your life. Would love to hear your thoughts leave me a comment below. If you got value please share with your social networks.
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